Leadership Skills in Action

Focus and Following Directions

Celebrating Achievement 

"My experience was complete amazement! Focusing on your horses and allowing them to reach out each individual their sense of need. Animals have this empowerment..totally! This is a wonderful program you offer… my best for your success. You will succeed!"

*JoAnn Sutcliffe / EAL Session

“I don’t understand how simply being in the presence of a horse can bring out so much emotion and honesty from a human. I just know for sure that this is true. Carol is a skilled practitioner in Equine Assisted Learning. As I participated in activities with the horses, under Carol’s guidance, I gained valuable insights into my personal interactions with people.”

*Phyllis Kaczynski / EAL Session

“I had a wonderful time at a beautiful location, especially because it involved unique learning experiences with the wisdom of horses! Professionals of all ages and varied backgrounds opened themselves up to nature’s sights and smells, to heart warming moments, and epiphanies to carry home. This is a workshop unlike any other! I am still talking about my time and hope to share a new experience on the farm very soon. Thanks so much.”

*Elizabeth Tierney / EAL Session

“Tamarack Farm is beautiful! Carol and her horses are sensational!

"I met Arie on a hot summer day. This was a first for both of us. I am wheelchair bound and Arie never met someone in a wheelchair. It was love at first sight for me!  Arie let me stroke his face and I knew he liked it. I started to feel his acceptance of me. We were both so curious of each other. My anxiety floated away and I was in awe of this horse. I am someone who lives with chronic pain and I don’t remember feeling pain when I was touching Arie. Nothing is sweeter than that!  Looking forward to my next visit!”

*Lisa Flint / EAL Session

“The horses have made me calmer.  As I got to learn more about Arie and Rollin.  The horses then learned more about me.  Arie and Rollin also make me problem solve and they have the same feelings and they are sensitive animals.  I also learned about leadership skills and what it means to be a leader.”                                                                          

*Abby, Junior Toll Gate HS / EAL Sessions

“Thank you for the report and all that you have done for Abby.  At the start of the summer we didn’t quite know what to expect from the program, but it was clear you put a lot of time and effort tailoring it to Abby’s needs.  She really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.”                            

*Rob and Theresa Censabella, Parent Comment

“Thank you for the wonderful experience of yoga with the horses! I really had no idea what to expect when Cheryl mentioned it and I was so happy to have tried it. The horses were terrific and the day and location could not have been better.”

*Helen Senecal, Wisdom Circle

“Yoga and meditation with the horses was a truly unique experience. Being in such a tranquil place made the meditation and yoga extremely centering.  Arie and Rollin are amazing horses and although I have often been hesitant around horses, I was completely at peace with both of them from the moment I met them. They are very special and you have created a wonderful environment for learning.”

*Cheryl Ficarra, Wisdom Circle

“Great time at Tamarack Farm with two very special horses. Arie & Rollin will touch your heart. Speaking of hearts, did you know that a horse can hear your heart beat 10 ft away? Amazing what you will discover as the wisdom of these horses bring a group together. Carol is very passionate about Equine Assisted Learning and her skill with her horses shines through abundantly. Can’t wait for my daughter and I to attend her August classes!”

*Linda Flint, EAL Session

“This program is very helpful especially with the loving animals that you work with. It helps you open up and accept yourself, but also helps you change. The horses (Arie and Rollin) are two both loving and beautiful animals that help you change the way you think. They help you become a leader not a follower.”

*Maddie, 8th Grader Chariho MS / EAL Sessions  

“The horses have made me feel happy and relaxed.  They have taught me to be confident and what skills I need to have to be successful in life.  I have gotten better with what I need to do to get people to be interested in what I am doing so that I can be with the people that make me happy.”                                                                                            

*Jack, 9th Grade Coventry HS / EAL Sessions

“My son has been working with HorsePowerment for almost a year now and loves his time with Carol, Arie, and Rollin. Unlike other areas of his life, he always leaves Carol and the horses feeling good about himself and smiling. Carol does an amazing job of highlighting the positive progress/events of the day and continues to provide challenging, loving and encouraging sessions over time! Can’t say enough wonderful things about this program and Carol’s dedication to providing well planned objectives in a caring and supportive environment.”              

*Linda Brown, Parent

“Thanks so very much and I look forward to working with you again in the future.  I found you very talented and an insightful facilitator.  Your ability to let people have their feelings and space and to delight in their journey was very evident.  My gratitude to Ron as well – and of course to Rollin and my buddy Arie!                                      

*Duce Dussault, EAL Session

“I really had fun spending time grooming the horses and they helped me feel calm.”                                                                       

*Vanessa, student Coventry / EAL Sessions

“I learned from Arie and Rollin that everyone is different.  They also made me feel more calm.”                                                                                              

*Angelo, 9th grade student, Coventry HS / EAL Sessions