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Equine Assisted Learning Program (EAL) 

Building Leadership and Empowerment Skills through Equine Communications

Equine Sessions are Scheduled:  Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Fully Licensed and Insured

An Equine Assisted Learning Program (EAL)

EAL programs use goal-oriented activities to focus on leadership, empowerment, teamwork, and communication skills. The horse serves as an energetic and metaphoric reflection of what is working communicatively and what is not for the participants.

Why Horses?

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the power of horses.  My ambition is to reach all populations to share the level of genuine trust, commitment, and lasting authentic growth that horses create for a life changing experience.


HorsePowerment, LLC is an organization committed to enhancing communication, confidence, and leadership skills to our participants through tailored and creative equine assisted learning activities.


Building leadership and empowerment skills through equine communications.


To tailor an individualized equine assisted learning program to meet each team or individuals’ needs.

Meet Carol

Carol possess a BS Degree in Business, Marketing, and Psychology, and after 15 years with IBM decided to enter into the education field at the secondary level.

As a Business and Special Educator for 20 years, Carol initiated innovative teaching strategies and interventions related to specialized content for core academics, business, and transition. She is able to differentiate instruction for grades 9-12, designed alternate means of assessments, and modified classwork assignments into exceptional and meaningful lessons.  Carol holds a MAT in Business and Special Education.

As an ACRE Employment Specialist, Carol’s created the “Vocational Transition Program” (VTP) at Toll Gate High School in Warwick. Carol solely designed the VTP to provide off-site job opportunities and adaptive daily living skills that meet the diverse needs of students. She worked tirelessly to design and implement an original transition program which provide students with the skill set that allows them to be independent, community participants, and workers. Carol possesses an exceptional ability to communicate and connect with the 18-21 adult transition students which translates into an environment of learning and respect.

Carol has 35+ years experience with horses and understands their nature and sensitivity towards human interaction.  She perceives the horse’s uncanny ability to unveil when we are being authentic and in the moment.

As an E3A Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, Carol is able to harness her expertise from the business and education fields to create and tailor individual equine learning programs to meet the unique needs of her participants that range from corporate teams, developing youth, and students and adults with special needs. In addition, Carol’s training in Personal Development and Wellness enhances her equine program with sessions offered in yoga, wisdom circles, and communication activities for young yet to be married couples.


Equine Experiential Education (E3A)

E3A certification is learning how to use horses as a means to develop and restructure in the area of group dynamics, team building, communications, and leadership skills at the corporate or personal level.  The role of the horse is to be a co-facilitator through leveraging their nature and ability to reflect what people are communicating.   

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